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You can "Browse" through a collection of images of Putnam County Probate records at FamilySearch.org. [You will need to sign-in to your free FamilySearch account.] The images have not been indexed yet, so finding the record you want may be challenging, but very likely worth the effort. We hope the following directions help you get started.

Select Catalog from their navigation Search drop-down menu.

On the FamilySearch Catalog page, enter United States, Illinois, Putnam into their 'Search by: Place' box. Click on the 'Search' button.

Scroll down the List to Illinois, Putnam County, Probate records and Click on that entry.

Illinois, Putnam County, probate records, 1832-1943 lists their images sets. The camera icons at the right of the entries, enable you to pull up a set of images to view.

Scroll down the list to find Probate General Index, A, 1831-1956 and Click on its camera icon.
The Probate General Index set of images contains alphabetically grouped index pages. When you find the person you are researching, the entry you see will show what records exist and where they can be found. Make note of that information.

Probate General Index Image 4

Probate General Index Image 5

For Example, if you were looking for records for William Abrams, you would find him on the bottom of the list on image 4. You would note -
Petition Records 3 137
Inventory Record G 35
Letter and Bond Record E 18
Report Records F 158
Probate Records R 158, 162, 205
Fee Book F 151, No. 341, Box 119

Now you can return to Illinois, Putnam County, probate records, 1832-1943 and using the information you noted, work through the many sets of images. Scroll down the list and click the appropriate camera icons to browse for the person's record images. Each image may be printed and may be downloaded.

The examples below are provided to show the that the Probate General Index is a guide, not an exact, nor a complete compliation. Finding the records can be a painstaking and time-consuming labor of love. But, once you get a feel for how the image sets are put together, your searches will become easier and quicker.

Archibald Allen
General Probate Index points to Estate Ledger D7, found in "Estate Ledger, D, 7 Mar 1921-23 Nov 1934" Film #102436581
Image 39 of 247

"Admrs. Exrs. and Guardians Accounts, 1848-1858"
Film # 102436577
First images are an index
Thomas Alexander, 65 leads to
Image 127 of 159

"Index to Estates, Book 1, 1831-ca. 1900"
Film # 102463231
Image 6 of 223 shows
Thomas Alexander Estate #194

"Estate files 1832-1930, Drawer 10, ca. 1 Jan 1832-ca. 31 Dec 1930" Film # 102393652
Image 243-275 of 1303 contains Thomas Alexander Estate documents.
The above, Image 245 is his Will

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