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Rutland Herald, 08 March 1836

In Bennington, 29th ult. Albert Walker of Manchester to Miss Laur's Church, Burlington, 29th ult. by the Rt Rev. Bishop Hopkins.
Mr. Edward Smith, of the firm of Smith & Harrington, (booksellers) to Miss Julia A. Thomas.
In St. Albans, 2d inst. Hon. Jabez Penniman to Mrs. Marvin.
In Panton, 16th ult. Mr. Harry Porter to Miss Eliza Daton.
In Weybridge, 28th ult. Edson Wilcox of Bridport, to Miss Filomela B. Wood, of New Haven.
In Castleton, on Tuesday last, Mr. Timothy W. Rice to Miss Sarah Harris.
In Orwell, 14th ult. Doct. Thomson Burton of Charleston, N. Y. to Miss Laura Rice.

In this village, on Thursday last, Celina Elisabeth Ansley daughter of R. C. Royce, Esq., aged 18 months.
In this town, on Friday last, Mrs. Experience Barney, wife of Capt. Joseph Barney, 80.
In Shatt-bury, 21st ult. Orpha Mattison, 36.
In Troy, N. Y. 25th ult. Wm. S. Parker, Esq. 60. He was an early settler in that city, and Proprietor of the Troy Post.
In Windsor, 28th ult. Frederick Blood, son of Oliver Blood, by deliberately shooting himself with a musket, aged 18.
In Brandon, recently, an infant child of Mr. Ephraim Maxham, 8 months.
In Middleburn 23d ult. Miss Cyntha Hubbell, 35__ Also, on the 28th Lydia M. Crane, daughter of Ezra Crane, 12.
In Ferrisburgh, 17th ult. Sarah Rogers aged 89, ___ of Dea. Jabez Rogers late of Middlebury.
In Clarendon, 28th Jan. last Miss Elmina C. Green, daughter of Lewis Walker, Esq. 31. ...

Illinois Free Trader and LaSalle County Commercial Advertiser

03 Dec 1841

David W. Bates, once a resident of Ottawa, and now resides near Hennepin subscribed for two copies of this paper and has not paid for either. One copy was sent to his father, at Victory, Cayuga co. N. Y. The public should be on their guard, for a man that will thus defraud the press is mean enough to steal the pewter on a blind man's cane.

07 Oct 1842

Jail Burnt. On the night of the 28th ult. the new jail at Hennepin Putnam Co., was destroyed by fire. The origin of the fire was caused by a prisoner attempting to make his escape by burning out. This he attempted to do by burning the wood in the door which was covered with sheet-iron, and having a supply of water at hand calculated to quench the flames as soon as the hole would be large enough for him to escape; but, to his astonishment, no doubt, the flames communicated to other parts of the building, and he was obliged to call on the jailor for aid, who immediately rushed to the scene, opened the door, and the prisoner escaped whilst efforts were being made to save the buildilng, which, however, was burned to the ground.

04 Nov 1842

Escape of Prisoners. On Sunday evening last two prisoners, one from Putnam county, the same who recently burnt the jail at Hennepin, and the other from Kendall county, committed for stealing money from Mr. L. Smith, of Georgetown, both of whom were placed in the jail of this county for safe-keeping, made their escape, and have not been hear of since. The manner in which these prisoners effected their escape, says little for the diligence and attention to duty of the jailor, Mr. True. ...

07 Apr 1843

Bill to foreclose mortgage. Trustees of Schools ... vs. William Hopkins and Jane his wife, Joel W. Hopkins, Martha Hopkins, John C. Hopkins, Stephen D. Hopkins, George B. Hopkins, Margaret Hopkins, Melinda Hopkins, and Elizabeth D. Margrave and James W. Margrave. ... THis day came the complainants by Dickey their solicitor, ... by the affidavit of John P. Blake that the defendants, Elizabeth D. Margrave and James W. Margrave are not inhabitants of this state, ...

24 Nov 1843

Executor's Notice. All persons having claims against the estate of Henry Andrews, dec'd., are herby notified and requested to attend before the Probate Justice of Putnam county, Illinois, at his office in Hennepin in said county, on Monday the 18th day of December next, for the purpose of having the same adjusted; that being the day fixed upon by the subscriber, in pursuance of the statute, for the purpose of settling and adjusting all claims against said decedent. T. D. Brewster, Executor. Oct. 24, 1843.

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