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Record Copies

You can obtain a copy of a marriage record from Putnam County, but they will not do your research for you. First, you need to  know what record you want (at least names and year). Next, submit their online form with an inquiry as to how to obtain a copy of a record from the County Clerk & Recorder. They will reply with current process details. Then, you will need to write a letter and send the fee (about $10) through the United States Postal Service.

The Ottawa Free Trader

19 Mar 1841

Married - At this place, last evening, by the Rev. D. Newton, Mr. Cornelius Weston to Miss Isabell A. Andrews, both of Greenville [possible error, might have been Granville], Putnam co., Ill.

25 Jun 1841

Married – On Sunday last, Mr. Isaac Todd to Miss Eliza Bascomb, of Putnam co. Ills.

8 Oct 1841

Married – On the 1st inst., by Elder Thos. Powell, Mr. Joshua Cushing, of Mount Palatine, Putnam co., to Miss Sarah Penniman, of Clear Creek Point.

29 Oct 1841

MARRIED -- On the 14th inst., by Elder Thomas Powell, Mr. Nathaniel Averill, of Hennepin, to Miss Nancy D. A. Rice, of Granville, Putnam Co.

12 Nov 1841

Married-- On the 26th ult., in Granville, Putnam county, by Elder Thomas Powell, Mr. Lewis W. Weston to Miss Theodosia Eames, both of Granville.

"Married. ...

"At Webber, Jewell Co., Kan., Dec 30, at residence of Nathan C. Vale Dr I. S. Lowell and Esther, daughter of Henry Mills, formerly of Clear Creek, Putnam Co., Ill." Henry Republican 1895 Jan 10, page 2

A Putnam Wedding

On Dec 29, 1897, at 8 o'clock p.m., at the commodious residence of Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Carroll, Putnam, occurred one of the most pleasant and highly enjoyable occasion which our little city has known for considerable time. It was the marriage of their oldest daughter Lottie to Joseph T. Kelso. The large number of invitations sent out had brought a goodly number of the relatives and many friends together. It was a happy company, assembled to enjoy this very pleasant occasion, and to witness the joining of two lives and hearts as one. Promptly at the appointed hour, soft strains of the beautiful wedding march splendidly executed by Miss Laura, sister of the bride, were wafted to the ears of the waiting assemblage, reminding them that the time was now at hand that would soon record the binding of two lives as one. Unattended and preceded by the Rev W. F. Shaw of Walnut, the high contracting parties marching to the symphonious pulsations of the wedding march, took their position, facing about and in the beautifully arranged alcove of evergreen and holly, while overhead hung the fabulous indicant – the horseshoe in evergreen. Evergreen was fastened and festooned in artistically arranged designs throughout the drawing room. Rev Shaw, in elaborately chosen language, spoke impressively of the marriage state and of the necessity of true and unblemished conjugality in this condition ordained of God since the creation of man. He compared the love which should exist between husband and wife with that which existed between David and Jonathan or Ruth and Naoma, and the sentiment of such love should be as the language of Ruth which said "For whiter thou goest I will go; and where thou lodgest I will lodge; thy people shall be my people and thy God my God; the Lord do so to me and more also if ought but death part thee and me."

After the ceremony a fervent and appropriate prayer was offered by Elder Shaw, after which best wishes and congratulations were in order and most heartily indulged in. This over supper was announced which was a sumptuous and highly esthetic repast, of which about 65 partook with such zest as would attest to the superiority of the menu. After supper a general social time was indulged in by the happy company, the bride favoring the friends with a piano selection which was much appreciated.

The bride was beautifully attired in a changeable tan and lavender corded silk; the bodice was of cream velvet covered with lavender chiffon and trimmed with wide white satin ribbon and silk lace. She wore lavender gloves and satin slippers. She is one of Putnam's best and most lovable young ladies and the groom has won a jewel. The groom was neatly attired in a conventional suit of black. The groom is highly esteemed by all and is a young man of many excellent qualities. The presents comprised a long list and were magnificent, valuable and useful and will be ever treasured as tokens of love and good will. Mr and Mrs Kelso left the following day for Plattsburg, Mo., where they will spend a pleasant honeymoon with relatives and friends. The following were in attendance:
Messrs and Mesdames – W F Shaw, Walnut. W M Drake, Putnam.
J M Ferrell, Marseilles. O R Condit, Sparland. E T Grady, Putnam. J J Euard, Putnam. W L Kelso, Putnam. W Murphy, Putnam. Geo W Bean, Putnam. Dennis McEvoy, Putnam. Jas H Stipp, Putnam. Fred C Cook, Putnam. O P Carroll, Putnam. Wm Blackburn, Whitefield.
Misses – Millie Downey, Putnam. Jonnie Vail, Putnam.
Etta Stickle, Putnam. Briggie McCormick, Putnam. Mary McCormick, Putnam. Marie Anderson, Putnam. Ida Dawson, Putnam. Lillie Ball, Putnam. Laura Carroll, Putnam. Neillie E Meer, Green River. Grace Poper, Putnam. Minnie Ray, Hennepin. Emma Loomis, Putnam. Nina Daily, Putnam. Roselia Reed, Putnam. Jose McEvoy, Putnam. Belle Shimoi, Walnut.
Mesdames – Jane Anderson, Putnam.
Messrs – Harry Finley, Putnam. J W Weidman, Milo. Geo Wheeler, Putnam. W H Sutherland, Milo. Louis Morgan, Putnam. Bert Sparling, Sparland. Frank Morgan, Putnam. Alonzo Dally, Putnam. Chas Morgan, Putnam. Geo Dally, Putnam. Daniel Vall, Putnam. Wm Ball, Lone Tree. S A Bracken, Putnam. Dale K Shaw, Walnut. R Loomis, Putnam. Jerry Drake, Jr., Putnam. M J McCormick, Chicago. Emid Carroll, Putnam. S P Condit, Chicago. Eisie Carroll, Putnam.
Regrets – Mr and Mrs J D Taylor, Rock Island.
Wm Thompson, Rock Island.
Mr and Mrs J G Wells, Moline.
Geo Overmyer, Sr., Casey, Ia.
Mr and Mrs Overmyer, Jr., Casey, Ia.
Mr and Mrs J C Dunn, Casey, Ia.
Mr and Mrs W W Blackmer, Casey, Ia.
Mr and Mrs J T Overmyer, Casey, Ia.
Mr and Mrs W E Overmyer, Keithsburg.
Mr and Mrs L D Rockerfeller, Kookuk, Ia.
Mr and Mrs C W Carroll, Blandensville.
Mr and Mrs H M Duncan, Plattsburg, Mo.
Mrs Chas Jeffers, Bassett, Neb.
Mr and Mrs J P Baum, Colona.
Mr and Mrs Jos Meer, Green River.
Jos Sutherland, Perry, Ia.
Mr and Mrs M J Cook, Toledo, Ohio.
Walter E Cook, Toledo, Ohio.
Belle and Grace Thompson, Henry.
L R Thomas and wife, Putnam.
Carrie Finley, Putnam.
Anna Parker, Putnam.
L Frisbey and wife, Henry.
Mrs G W Ward, Granville.
T A Baker and wife, Tiskilwa.

Source: Henry Republican 1898 Jan 6, page 2

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