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Early Land Sales

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Land sales from the public domain were recorded by field employees of the U.S. General Land Office, state and local officials, and clerks of the Illinois Central Railroad. These records were transferred to the Illinois State Archives for permanent retention in 1957. Because the records are arranged by legal description, a database was developed to allow the records to be searched by name.

The database contains information about nearly 550,000 land sales from the 54,740 square miles of the public domain sold within Illinois. Each purchase entry includes the purchaser's name, purchase date, number of acres, price per acre, numeric code indicating the county in which the land is located, legal description (township, section, range), volume and page numbers of original entry, and variously, the sale type, and the purchaser's sex and residence.

Extracted from Illinois State Archives: Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales

Land Owners

The map displayed here was exported from David Ramsey's Map Collection website. To view the enlarged version, click on the map, then click to enlarge again.

Granville Township Landowners

J Holly, B Ish, A Berlin, G Becker, J Lawson, J F Shepard, J Holly, A & J Moore, J W Eames, S Hurin, S Moore, Poor Farm, J I Hawkins, H Hawkins, L D Gunn, S W Stewart, R S Robinson, E V Raley, J Packingham, J D Hullinger, J Reinhardt, J Wendt, J P Blake, D Fessler, A P & C W Dysart, A Henderson, J Foley, J Henning, P Linker, T Hamill, W W Ralph, W Hartman, O B Davis, A D Fisher, C Otto, John Henning, R A Radle, O Brenneman, C Gunn, W G Parker, J R Deems, C Newkirk

Hennepin Township Landowners

W S Coleman, T Stevens, J H Rauch, C Coleman, I Whitaker, T W Shepard, J E Osborn, A T Purviance, A H Turner, W Allen, H L White, I Zenor, A Brumfield, L Parmtee, H K Zenor Est., S Sutcliffe, J H Dunlevy, O Turner, D Nixon, D B Moore, J Shering, J Gallagher, R Skeel, R A Radley, J Etscheid, A M VanDerslice, B S Cutter, Mrs P Dagger, W W McClung, M Newburn, J H Deuringer, I Newport, W S Barley, A Reavy, W B Cassell, O Halbleib, F Sebolt, L Broaddus, F Jakes

Magnolia Township Landowners

W S Barley, H C Morris, M Garrett, M Dugan, W Newburn, W P Hoyle, E Strawn, J M Stansell, J W Laughlin, J G Laughlin, S T England, H Cooper, W A Kays, A F Morris, L Studyvin, C Woods, D McNabb, J N Anderson, A Matern, W M Price, J L Mills, A Mills, D Swaney, H H Edwards, E Jakes, I S Ham, H Griffith, F Griffith, I Swaney, M V Griffith, C Tomlinson, Flowers, H K Smith, H Price, P Mills, H Mills, F W Smith, L L Beck, T G Fyffe Est, W H Buffum, A Wilson, A Boyle, Newburn Est, H C Mills, I Hiltabrand, B F Hiltabrand, W W Babbitt, H B Kays, J Funk, G Otto, W Haws Sr, W Haws Jr, J R Cowen, B Law, G S Park, J Haws, H Swindler, B L & I P Wierman, W E Trone, Y A Glenn, H G Allen, L A Glenn, W W Holmes, C Shields, G W Kays, M T Gardner, E Simpson, E Phillips, J VanHorne, J T Thornton, O Dent, J Reymer, T Haws, C Shields, H G Allen, J E Steward

Senachwine Township Landowners

H Sticket, E Henkins, A R Henkins

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