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1908 History of the Swedes of Illinois

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... It was during this progressive period that the idea of founding a state university was conceived. At a farmers' convention, held Nov. 18, 1854, at Granville, Putnam county, one Prof. Jonathan B. Turner from Jacksonville, Ill., proposed the plan for a uniform system of polytechnic schools throughout the United States, with one scientific school in each state and territory, and a national institute of science in the federal capital. ...

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The previous sketches deal with the history of only the older and larger Swedish settlements in Illinois. But there are quite a number of later ones, large and small, many of which, especially those of recent date, by reason of rapid growth and the importance attained, would deserve a place in this series. But we are constrained to limit ourselves to the bare mention of their name and the time of founding. In many cases it has been possible to give the year with absolute certainty, while in many others the time can only be approximated. In the latter instances, the year stated is the earliest in which Swedes are definitely known to have lived in the respective localities, not, however, precluding the possibility of earlier settlement by individual Swedes.

... More recent Swedish settlements of doubtful date are as follows:
... Settlement: Putnam, County: Putnam, Founded 1885
... Settlement: Granville, County: Putnam, Founded 1902

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The Swedish Lutherans of Putnam, who also were members of the Princeton church, at the annual meeting in 1878 asked permission to build a chapel which was to become the property of the whole congregation, and they were aided in carrying out the enterprise.

Extracted 30 Jun 2017 by Norma Hass from History of the Swedes of Illinois, published in 1908.

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