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1916 - 1950 Deaths

The lists displayed at the links below were extracted from the Illinois Archives website. The Illinois Archives database provides listings of death certificates filed with the Illinois Department of Public Health between 1916 and 1950. If you are interested in an ancestor listed, please visit the Illinois State Archives website for more information and/or for instructions to obtain a copy of a death certificate.

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Death Certificates offer a treasure trove of genealogical information: decedent's full name, date of death, cause of death, and place of death. You are likely to find marital status; birth date and age at death; occupation; employer; father's name and birthplace; mother's maiden name and birthplace; name of the informant, who often was a relative; the burial place and date; and the undertaker's name and address.

"Died ...

"At Putnam, Jan 7, by being shot, Matthew Archibald Thompson, 44 years 9 months, 11 days old.

"At her home near Magnolia, on the morning of Jan 9th, Anna Wilson, in the 90th year of her age."

Henry Republican 1895 Jan 10, page 2

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