Putnam County


1824 - 1940

Brewer, Alice Janette born 01 Jun 1867 in Magnolia, father: William Wallace Brewer, mother: Ella Janette Hopkins
Cecil, Florence May born 31 Mar 1871 in Hennepin, father: Jasper Cecil, mother: Sarah Jane Mullin
Ensminger, Blanche born 08 Jul 1872 in Florid, father: William H Ensminger, mother: Sarah E Patten
Everett, George William born 10 Jul 1871 in Magnolia, father: John Everett, mother: Anna Mira Bothwell
Fitzpatrick, Rose Anna born 28 Apr 1859 in Hennepin, father: Patrick Fitzpatrick, mother: Margaret Brady
Hullinger, William Edward born 25 Apr 1868 in Granville, father: Martin Hitt Hullinger, mother: Nackey Railey
Kenney, William Edward born 20 Nov 1867 in Clear Creek, father: John F Kenney, mother: Mary E Phelps
Kizer, Edwin Valette born 13 May 1870 in Magnolia, father: James A Kizer, mother: Jane McNabb
Komp, Kate born 24 Jan 1870 in Granville, father: Casper Paul Komp, mother: Kathrine Hesterman
Law, Maude G born 03 Jun 1871 in Magnolia, father: Benjamin F Law, mother: Alice Belle Feaster
Law, Pearle M born 19 Mar 1869 in Magnolia, father: Benjamin F Law, mother: Allice Belle Feaster
Leich, Frank J born 29 Jan 1870 in Granville, father: Joseph Leich, mother: Prudence Brown
Martin, John Douglas born 13 Oct 1870 in Hennepin, father: John Callahan, mother: Anna Martin
O’Neil, Henry born 10 Apr 1872 in Hennepin, father: George O’Neil, mother: Dorothy Thomas
Olson, Oscar Albert born 23 Aug 1870 in Magnolia, father: Nels F Olson, mother: Cajea L Nelson
Parkin, Henrietta born 26 Oct 1872 in Magnolia, father: David Parkin, mother: Mary Gilson
Pletsch, Joseph born 04 Mar 1864 in Granville, father: Henry Pletsch, mother: Christina Ploch
Pletsch, Lena born 15 Apr 1864 in Granville, father: Paul Pletsch, mother: Catherine Louer
Schmieding, Edward C born 31 Mar 1867 in Granville, father: Henry Schmieding, mother: Ochsa Brown
Smith, Peter born 14 Aug 1870 in Magnolia, father: William Smith, mother: Clara Carver
Ullom, Albertus born 24 Jul 1872 in Granville, father: Alford Ullom, mother: Samantha Jane Pittman
Utech, Clarence Earnest born 01 Apr 1867 in Magnolia, father: Lewis E Utech, mother: Cynthia Ann McCoy
Walters, Mary Ann born 29 Jan 1865 in Granville, father: Peter Walters, mother: Anna Uhlein

Extracted 25 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from FamilySearch.org, Illinois Births and Christenings, 1824-1940, Collection. More information about these births is available at the FamilySearch.org website.


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