Putnam County


1824 - 1940

Brewer, Alice Janette born 01 Jun 1867 in Magnolia, father: William Wallace Brewer, mother: Ella Janette Hopkins
Cecil, Florence May born 31 Mar 1871 in Hennepin, father: Jasper Cecil, mother: Sarah Jane Mullin
Ensminger, Blanche born 08 Jul 1872 in Florid, father: William H Ensminger, mother: Sarah E Patten
Everett, George William born 10 Jul 1871 in Magnolia, father: John Everett, mother: Anna Mira Bothwell
Fitzpatrick, Rose Anna born 28 Apr 1859 in Hennepin, father: Patrick Fitzpatrick, mother: Margaret Brady
Hullinger, William Edward born 25 Apr 1868 in Granville, father: Martin Hitt Hullinger, mother: Nackey Railey
Kenney, William Edward born 20 Nov 1867 in Clear Creek, father: John F Kenney, mother: Mary E Phelps
Kizer, Edwin Valette born 13 May 1870 in Magnolia, father: James A Kizer, mother: Jane McNabb
Komp, Kate born 24 Jan 1870 in Granville, father: Casper Paul Komp, mother: Kathrine Hesterman
Law, Maude G born 03 Jun 1871 in Magnolia, father: Benjamin F Law, mother: Alice Belle Feaster
Law, Pearle M born 19 Mar 1869 in Magnolia, father: Benjamin F Law, mother: Allice Belle Feaster
Leich, Frank J born 29 Jan 1870 in Granville, father: Joseph Leich, mother: Prudence Brown
Martin, John Douglas born 13 Oct 1870 in Hennepin, father: John Callahan, mother: Anna Martin
O’Neil, Henry born 10 Apr 1872 in Hennepin, father: George O’Neil, mother: Dorothy Thomas
Olson, Oscar Albert born 23 Aug 1870 in Magnolia, father: Nels F Olson, mother: Cajea L Nelson
Parkin, Henrietta born 26 Oct 1872 in Magnolia, father: David Parkin, mother: Mary Gilson
Pletsch, Joseph born 04 Mar 1864 in Granville, father: Henry Pletsch, mother: Christina Ploch
Pletsch, Lena born 15 Apr 1864 in Granville, father: Paul Pletsch, mother: Catherine Louer
Schmieding, Edward C born 31 Mar 1867 in Granville, father: Henry Schmieding, mother: Ochsa Brown
Smith, Peter born 14 Aug 1870 in Magnolia, father: William Smith, mother: Clara Carver
Ullom, Albertus born 24 Jul 1872 in Granville, father: Alford Ullom, mother: Samantha Jane Pittman
Utech, Clarence Earnest born 01 Apr 1867 in Magnolia, father: Lewis E Utech, mother: Cynthia Ann McCoy
Walters, Mary Ann born 29 Jan 1865 in Granville, father: Peter Walters, mother: Anna Uhlein

Extracted 25 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from FamilySearch.org, Illinois Births and Christenings, 1824-1940, Collection. More information about these births is available at the FamilySearch.org website.

Published in The Henry Republican

At Florid, Oct. 30, a son to J. B. ALBERT [05 Nov 1868]
Near Strawn's church, Putnam county, March 26, a daughter to William and Emily ALLEN, and granddaughter to Mat. DURLEY [05 Apr 1877]

At Hennepin, Aug. 12th, a daughter to Rev. A. J. BAILEY [23 Aug 1877]
Born in this city, Nov. 18, a son to Michael BALENSEIFEN of Magnolia township [21 Nov 1878]
At Senachwine, June 19, a daughter to Mrs. William BALL [25 Jun 1874]
In Senachwine township, July 30, a son to Ferdenand BALLEWEG [09 Aug 1877]
In Arispe, Oct. 10, a son to Ethan BAKER, and first grandson of Mrs. Win. BALL of Senachwine [28 Oct 1875]
At Hennepin, Feb. 8, a son to P. and H. BARMORE [15 Feb 1877]
At Senachwine, Jan. 17, a son to Ira BARNHART [25 Jan 1872]
At Senachwine, Nov. 10, a daughter to Ira BARNHART [20 Nov 1873]
At Senachwine, Oct. 15, a son to Ira BARNHART [21 Oct 1875]
Born at Hennepin, Nov. 8, a son to N. BARNHERD [16 Nov 1876]
In Clear Creek, Putnam county, a son to Harry BECK, and eighth grandchild to Lewis I. BECK, Esq [26 Aug 1880]
Born at Chicago, May 31, a daughter to Marshall BECK, Esq., and granddaughter to Mr. Lewis I. BECK of Clear Creek, Putnam County [21 Jun 1882]
Born in Magnolia township, Putnam county, Oct. 14, a daughter to Mr. Hatzen BEULER [20 Oct 1870]
At Hennepin, Feb. 7, a daughter to S. and S. BEXENDALE [15 Feb 1877]
At Senachwine, June 30, a daughter to James BIDULPH [06 Jul 1876]
In Senachwine, January 11, a son to Rev. William BIRCH.
Senachwine - A son was born to Rev. Mr. BIRCH on January 11th. A babe in the house is a well spring of joy. In this instance doubly so as this one fills the place of any only cherub gone before [28 Jan 1875]
Born in Senachwine township, Oct. 24, a daughter to Rev. H. C. BIRCH, and granddaughter to George SPARLING [30 Oct 1879]
Born in Saratoga township, Dec. 3, a daughter to Albert C. BLOOD, and granddaughter to Mr. A. M. POOL [06 Dec 1877]
Born in Senachwine township, Dec. 24, a daughter to George BOWERSOCK, and granddaughter of John LYKINS [28 Dec 1876]
Born at Clear Creek, Putnam county, December 19, a son to Joseph BOYLE [30 Dec 1880]
At Senachwine, Dec. 23, a son to William BRACKEN [03 Jan 1878]
Born in Senachwine, a son to Charles BROWN and grandson to Daniel STROUT [13 Oct 1871]
Born in Senachwine, August 28, a son to Frank BRUCE [07 Sep 1882]
Born at Senachwine, October 16, a son to J. BRUNT and grandson to John WILLIAMS [26 Oct 1876]
In Magnolia township, twin boys to Oscar BUMGARNER [22 Jan 1874]
Born at Senachwine, November 16, a daughter to J. Spencer BURT, principle of the Senachwine public school [19 Nov 1868]
At Senachwine, Oct. 29, a son to Clarence E. BURT [02 Nov 1871]
Born in Hennepin, October 7, a daughter to Joseph BUSH [12 Nov 1868]
At Hennepin, November 2_, a daughter to Joseph BUSH [07 Dec 1876]

Born at Senachwine, October 12, a daughter to O. P. CARROLL [18 Oct 1877]
Born at Putnam, Oct. 25, a daughter to O. P. CARROLL [10 Nov 1881]
In Hennepin, June 4th, a son to John and Maggie COLEMAN [14 Jun 1877]
At Senachwine, March 20, a son to S. H. CONDIT [22 Mar 1877]

Born at Senachwine, August 23, a daughter to John DALLY [28 Aug 1873]
Born in Senachwine, a son to Henry DALLY [26 Feb 1874]
At Senachwine, October 14, a son to Henry DALLY [19 Oct 1876]
At Magnolia, June 14, a son to William Davis and grandson to Robert DAVIS of Henry [22 Jun 1871]
At Senachwine, October 9, twin boys to A. S. DAWSON the pair weighing 12 pounds [15 Oct 1874]
Rev. J. W. DENNING and lady are rejoicing over the fact that at 3 a.m. on Tuesday, May 8th, a 10 pound girl came to stay with them, and be company for the other girl and boy [10 May 1883]

Born in Magnolia township, Feb. 14, a valentine, (10 1/2 pound boy) to Harrison EDWARDS [19 Feb 1880]
At Hennepin, Jan. 13, a daughter to Will and Maud ELLIS [22 Feb 1877]
Born in Magnolia township, November 29, a son to Frank M. ENDSLEY and grandson to W. J. COULTER of Saratoga township [24 Nov 1881]

Born at Senachwine, March 2, a son to Rev. J. L. FERRIS, M. E. pastor [05 Mar 1874]
Born at Senachwine, Sept. 26, a son to George FINLEY - 12 pounder [02 Oct 1873]
Born at Senachwine, Dec. 11, a daughter to George FINLEY [03 Jan 1878]
At Hennepin, May 3, a son to Clem and Maggie FORNEY [10 May 1877]
At Putnam, July 1, a son to George H. FREEMAN of Ida Grove, Iowa and grandson to Samuel CONDIT, Esq [07 Jul 1881]

Born at Senachwine, August 10, a daughter to John GALVIN [14 Aug 1873]
Born in Hennepin, November 14, a daughter to George and Mary GLASS [22 Nov 1877]
At Hennepin, Oct. 4, a daughter to James GOWDEY [08 Oct 1868]
In Magnolia, a son to H. GRIFFETH [15 Aug 1872]
At Senachwine, April 2, a son to George GRISWOLD, and grandson to H. D. HAWKINS [09 Apr 1874]
Born at Senachwine, March 3, a son to George GRISWOLD - 11 pounder [29 Mar 1877]
Born in Senachwine, October 9, a daughter to George W. GRISWOLD - 10 pounder [10 Oct 1878]
Granville - George GROSSENBACK and wife are rejoicing in the birth of a son who arrived Monday morning, January 16 [19 Jan 1899]
Born At Senachwine, April 1, a son to Charles GRUBBS [03 Apr 1873]
In Senachwine, August 12th, a son to Charles McKeel. Also a son to Charles GRUBBS [20 Aug 1874]
Putnam - Frank GRUBBS and wife's attention is for the present engaged in fixing up mint (Julips?) for a nice little girl baby [31 May 1883]

At Senachwine, Nov. 12, a daughter to Samuel HAINES [23 Nov 1871]
In Senachwine, Putnam Co., Feb. 22, a daughter to Robert HAINES [29 Feb 1872]
At Senachwine, May 14, a son to Robert HAINES [24 May 1877]
In Magnolia township, April 23, in the castle, a son to Fabian HALBLIBE [16 May 1872]
In Magnolia Township, April 12, a daughter to Fabien HALBLIBE [23 Apr 1875]
At Magnolia, April 9, a daughter to Capt. William HAWS, Sr [18 Apr 1872]
In Magnolia, February 23rd, a daughter to James E. HENDERSON [04 Mar 1869]
Born at Magnolia, March 16, a son to James HENDERSON, Jr [17 Apr 1873]
Born at Council Bluffs, May 8, a son to Charles HOBBS, and grandson to W. H. WILLIAMS of Senachwine [18 May 1876]
Born in Magnolia township, November 27, a daughter to Morris HUFFMAN [10 Dec 1868]

In Senachwine township, July 17, a son to Jared W. JONES, and grandson to Dr. J. G. BAKER [31 Jul 1873]
Born at Senachwine, March 4, a son to Miles JUDGE [18 Mar 1875]

In Senachwine township, Nov. 24, a son to James KELLEY, and grandson to Mr. H. EARL of this city [26 Nov 1874]
Born at Senachwine, May 20, a son to James KELLY and grandson to Mr. EARLE of this city [08 Jun 1876]
At Senachwine, Jan. 30, a son to John T. KISLER, and grandson to John WILLIAMS [07 Feb 1878]
Born at Senachwine, October 12, a son to J. KISTLER, also a son to Morgan WILLIAMS [19 Oct 1882]
At Senachwine, Oct. 15, a son to Henry KOCH [21 Oct 1875]

At Hennepin, May 21, a daughter to Joseph and Eliza LEECH [31 May 1877]
A singular freak of nature presented itself out on Hennepin Prairie last week. A fine healthy girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LEECH, and shortly after its birth the attending physician discovered that the child had two front teeth of very fair size. One of the teeth was found to be loose, and was extracted by the physician, the other being solid was allowed to remain. This, we believe, is not the first case of the kind on record, yet it is a very rare occurrence - Hennepin Record [09 Aug 1883]
At Senachwine, Sept 20, a daughter to G. Munroe LOCKE [24 Sep 1868]
Born at Senachwine, December 27, a daughter to Michael LOUIS and granddaughter of Mathias LOUIS [29 Dec 1881]

At Magnolia, a son to George MARSH - 12 pounds [28 Nov 1872]
In Senachwine township, July 10, a daughter to M. McBRIDE, and granddaughter to Jacob KOCHER [13 Jul 1876]
Born in Senachwine, November 9, a daughter to Michael McBRIDE [18 Nov 1880]
Born at Senachwine, October 27, a son to Patrick McCORMICK [02 Nov 1876]
In Senachwine, August 12th, a son to Charles McKEEL [20 Aug 1874]
Quaker Lane - He came to the home of W. B. MILLS, June 5th, and he stays with him till June 5, 1904, he will be 21 years of age. He has no name and no teeth and all he can say is "wah-wah-wah," and W. B. answers him with "Humpty dumty, tra-la-la" and then the little fellow sinks into a quiet sleep and dreams about how he will arrange things when he gets to work in the tile factory [14 Jul 1883]
At Isadora, Mo., May 20, a son to J. R. MILLS, and grandson to William BELL, formerly of Magnolia township, Putnam Co., Ill [01 Jun 1882]
At Senachwine, Sept 20, a son to Dwight MORGAN [24 Sep 1868]
At Senachwine, October 27, a son to Dwight MORGAN and grandson to N. B. WHITNEY of this city [08 Nov 1877]
Born in Senachwine, Putnam county, December 25, a daughter to Dwight MORGAN [04 Jan 1872]
At Magnolia, a daughter to L. C. MORRILLE [06 May 1875]

In Springfield, a daughter to T. J. NICHOLLS, late of Hennepin [23 Dec 1875]
A little daughter arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. NOLTE, Mt. Palatine, April 9 [13 Apr 1899]

At Senachwine, July 3, a son to J. F. N. PARKER [16 Jul 1874]
At Senachwine, Feb. 2, a son to John F. M. PARKER [08 Feb 1877]
Born in Magnolia township, April 30, the seventh son to Moses PERDEW - 12 1/2 lbs [07 May 1874]
Born in Magnolia township, Sept. 24, a daughter to Moses PERDEW [30 Sep 1880]
In Hennepin township, Putnam county, March 9, a son to William J. PERDEW, and grandson to William LORMIS [16 Mar 1882]
Born in Senachwine, April 8, a son to Alvin PERKINS - 10 pounder [17 Apr 1879]
Born at Senachwine, Dec. 25, a son (Christmas gift) to Aaron POOL [01 Jan 1874]
In Hennepin township, Oct. 26, a son (Philip Henry) to Aaron POOL [28 Oct 1875]
Born in Magnolia township, Aug. 22, twins, boy and girl to Aaron POOL [24 Aug 1882]
In Magnolia township, Oct. 1, a son to Moses PURDIEU and grandson to James HENDERSON of this city [13 Oct 1871]

In Senachwine township, April 15, a son to James QUINN [20 Apr 1876]
In Senachwine township, October 13, a daughter to James QUINN [17 Oct 1878]

In Magnolia township, Feb. 7, a son to Anton REAVY - 11 pounder [15 Feb 1872]
Born at Senachwine, Oct. 9, a daughter to Daniel RICH [12 Oct 1876]
In Senachwine township, Dec. 2, a daughter to Cornelius RYAN, and granddaughter to Thos. HALLIGAN [13 Dec 1877]

At Hennepin, May 13, a daughter to G. H. SEATON, county superintendent of schools, Putnam county [24 May 1877]
Born at Hennepin, Nov. 6, a son to August and E. SHEPHERD [16 Nov 1876]
Born at Granville, October 2, a son to Wilson and Mary SHEPHERD [11 Oct 1877]
In Magnolia township, August 26, a daughter to Henry K. SMITH, editor Magnolia News [10 Sep 1874]
April 22d, a son to Samuel and Jennie SMITH [26 Apr 1877]
At Granville, Putnam county, June 30, a daughter to Z. H. SMITH [10 Jul 1879]
In Senachwine, June 7, a son to Harry SOPER [15 Jun 1876]
At Senachwine, Nov. 18, a son to Henry SOPER [28 Nov 1872]
Born at Senachwine, March 28, a daughter to Henry SOPER [02 Apr 1874]
At Senachwine, April 14, a daughter to William SOPER [23 Apr 1874]
At Senachwine, Feb. 8, daughter to Thomas Steele; also a son to William SOPER [15 Feb 1877]
Born at Putnam, March 9, a daughter to Henry SOPER [16 Mar 1882]
Born at Hennepin, February 27, a daughter to W. and Edna SPARKS [08 Mar 1877]
At Senachwine, Jan. 2, a daughter to George SPARLING (the 15th branch of the family tree.) [06 Jan 1876]
Born in Senachwine township, Jan. 18, a son to George SPARLING - 20th child [24 Jan 1878]
In Senachwine township, April 15th, a son to John SPARLING [20 Apr 1876]
In Senachwine township, Nov. 22, a daughter to John SPARLING [28 Nov 1878]
Ed SPENCER boasts of his new boy, and Burt Thomas claims that his boy baby beats them all, and so comes the world [01 Jul 1880]
At Dana, LaSalle county, March 12, a son (Isaac Eddy) to H. J. STANSELL, and grandson to Eddy KETCHUM of Whitefield, and I. M. STANSELL of Mt. Palatine [18 Mar 1875]
At Senachwine, Feb. 8, daughter to Thomas STEELE; also a son to William SOPER [15 Feb 1877]
Born at Senachwine, Jan. 10, a son to David STEPHENS [11 Jan 1877]

At Senachwine, June 17, a son to Cyrus TALIAFERRO [22 Jun 1876]
Born in Senachwine Township, Putnam County, Jan. 3d, a daughter to Stephen L. and Melinda TAYLOR [08 Jan 1885]
At Hennepin, October 26, a daughter to Scott and Clara THOMAS [01 Nov 1877]
Ed Spencer boasts of his new boy, and Burt THOMAS claims that his boy baby beats them all, and so comes the world [01 Jul 1880]
Born, March 30, to Mr. And Mrs. Henry TIMSON of Iowa, a son and daughter, Hazel and Harold, weight each 8 pounds. They are grandchildren to Mr. And Mrs. John WILLIAMS [06 Apr 1893]
Born in Hennepin, Sept. 6, a daughter to John TOOLE, and granddaughter to I. H. COOK of the Hennepin Record. [12 Sep 1878]
Born at Senachwine, January 28, a son to Ezra J. TOWNLEY [04 Feb 1875]

At Hennepin, Jan. 6, a son to Wash and Gertie WARNOCK [25 Jan 1877]
At Hennepin, Jan. 28, a daughter to William WEEKS, and first granddaughter to G. P. DEVOE of this city [05 Feb 1880]
Near Mt. Palatine, a son to George M. WEST [28 Jan 1875]
At Senachwine, October 16, a daughter to William WHEELER [19 Oct 1876]
At Senachwine, November 18, a daughter to Belinda WHEELER [23 Nov 1876]
Born in Senachwine township, Putnam county, March 25, a son to James WHERRY [03 Apr 1979]
At Senachwine, April 15, a daughter to H. W. WHITE [25 Apr 1872]
At Senachwine, Jan. 22, a son to Sidney L. WHITE [23 Jan 1873]
At Senachwine, Nov. 13, a daughter to Sidney WHITE, and granddaughter to J. R. TALIAFERRO [19 Nov 1874]
In Senachwine, Sept. 29, a daughter to Sidney WHITE [05 Oct 1876]
Born at Granville, Dec. 10, a daughter to Frank and Cornelia WHITING [21 Dec 1876]
Born at Senachwine, October 12, a son to J. Kistler, also a son to Morgan WILLIAMS [19 Oct 1882]
Born in Senachwine township, May 10th, a son to J. Howard WILLIAMS [11 May 1882]
Putnam - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Isaac S. WILSON a son, a thorough young "Thomas." [31 May 1883]
Born at Senachwine, March 13, a daughter to Samuel A. WILSON, photographer in Henry and grandchild to W. H. WILLIAMS of Senachwine [19 Mar 1868]
At Senachwine, January 20, a son to Henry D. WINSHIP [29 Jan 1874]
At Senachwine, April 22, a daughter to F. A. WOOD [30 Apr 1874]
At Senachwine, Dec. 29, a daughter to Fred. WOOD [06 Jan 1876]
In Senachwine township, August 29, a son to Fred A. WOOD, and grandson to Mr. George SPARLING [30 Aug 1877]
Born at Mt. Palatine, Oct. 4, twins to J. A. WOOD. Almost a little forest [14 Oct 1880]

At Hennepin, April 17, twin daughters to George and Bertha ZENOR [26 Apr 1877]
Born at Hennepin, February 17, a son to John ZEURSE [08 Mar 1877]

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