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The commercial interests of Granville find an active and worthy representative in 0. A. Lundquist, a clothing merchant, who in the conduct of his business displays the spirit of enterprise and progress which have been the dominant factors in the upbuilding of the middle west He was born in Skone, Sweden, July 28, 1866, and when only eight years of age lost his father. Being left in limited financial circumstances, it was necessary that he earn his own living, and at that tender age he went to work in a tile factory, carrying tile all through the summer, while in the winter months he attended school and thus became better qualified for life's practical and responsible duties. When fifteen years of age he went upon a farm, where he was employed for two years, and at the age of seventeen he began learning the blacksmith's trade, which he followed for about three years, becoming master of that occupation.

Hoping to better his financial condition through the broader business opportunities of the new world, Mr. Lundquist sought a home in America when a young man of twenty years. Landing on the shores of the new world, he came at once to Putnam county and began work at once upon a farm near Florid. After seven weeks he secured employment in a blacksmith shop in Florid in the employ of William Stehl, for whom he worked at ten dollars per month. Subsequently he spent two years in the plow factory at Peru, and saving his earnings during that period, he was at length enabled to purchase a shop in Florid, where for six and a half years he engaged in blacksmithing on his own account. On the expiration of that period he came to Granville, purchased a shop and engaged in the same line of business here. He made steady progress, and five years ago he opened a clothing store, which today is the largest establishment of this kind in the village. He carries an extensive and well selected stock of clothing, men's furnishing goods and shoes, and has a very liberal and constantly growing patronage.

About sixteen years ago Mr. Lundquist was married to Miss Clara Morine, who was born in Sweden, October 16, 1865, and died May 9, 1903, leaving five children : Edwin, who was born April 3, 1891; Olga, born July 14, 1892; Edith, April 16, 1898; Callie, June 19, 1900; and Hilda, September 22, 1901. The children are all living at home with their father, who has never married again.

Mr. Lundquist was reared in the faith of the Lutheran church, but is not a member of any denomination at the present time. His political support is given the democracy in national politics, but in town and county affairs he votes for the candidate whom he thinks best qualified for office, regardless of party affiliation. He has served as a member of the village board and in office and out of it has taken an active part in the upbuilding and substantial development of Granville. His store occupies a part of the first block put up in that part of the town. He was instrumental in soliciting farmers to donate work with teams to grade and gravel Main street in the village, and his co-operation can always be counted upon to support any plan or measure for the public good. Fraternally he is connected with the Odd Fellows and with the Modern Woodmen and in the camp of the latter is now secretary. Mr. Lundquist is a self-made man in the truest and best sense of the term and that he has prospered is indicated by the fact that he is now the owner of a nice home as well as the store building which he occupies and the large stock of goods which he carries. Each step in his career has been carefully and thoughtfully made. He has utilized his opportunities to the best advantage and with a full realization of the fact that labor is the basis of all success he has put forth unremitting effort and is today carrying on a prosperous business.

Source: Past and Present of Marshall and Putnam Counties Illinois authored by John Spencer Burt and W. E. Hawthorne in 1907, page 495/p>

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